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My Background

I think you'll find bits and pieces of my photography “careers” in my artistic photographs.
I have worked as a commercial photographer's assistant, a darkroom printer, a photojournalist and a portrait artist, and each of those experiences contributes to the photographs I create. 

Photography as ART

Whether it's loading my Hasselblad film backs or processing the film in my darkroom, the entire process contributes to the photograph.
I love to add oil paint to my photographs to enhance the subject matter. Bold and/or muted colors add to the mood of the photo.One disclaimer: While viewing the photos, understand that the images are a single photo. The reproductions you order won’t be an exact replica, but will look almost identical.

Please LOOK, Often

I love to sell my prints because it encourages me to go out and shoot and print more! The darkroom is my space to be the most creative!
I encourage you to come back and look often, as my inventory will be constantly changing.
Have a photo in mind that you would like? Challenge me to create it specifically for you!

My Blog

                                                                                                 My first blog...

                                                                               "Why do you still shoot film?"